Testimonial: Mahesh Ajinkya

My special thanks to Mr.Jose George  & Shishir who gave us an opportunity to be part of The Velo Raid.

I had heard of the way these Colossal events are planned and executed. (taking amateur cycling as a point of view). It was a experience that will be very hard to forget not only for me but for all who were part of it in the form of participants & Mgt.

The way the support Cars were following each & every team, the quality of Marshals, (Specially they were asking each & every team member whether we needed hydration, nutrition etc.) was “Top Class”. (I) have attended a couple of international events In the UK & Italy couple ofyears ago but all i can say that this is something i have never experienced ever in India or overseas, my request to you is kindly increase the magnitude of such ventures which give a boost not only to the amateur cyclist but also to cycling, as our Team Crank Brothers was stopped by a car on the highway to click photographs (looks like the fellows had never seen so many MAMILS) riding together.

All the best keep up the Good work & god willing if another event like this comes up I am sure to be in it as a Participant….


Veloraid 2013

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