DNA, 21 August 2015, Pedal pushers get ready for Veloraid

Nearly 170 cyclists will be participating in third edition of Veloraid, India’s longest amateur cycling team event that will take place on August 23. The event, powered by dna, will see teams and individuals test their prowess on the pedals.

Cyclists will cover a distance of 180 kms from Thane to Vaitarna and back. The idea is to increase the number of cyclists in the region and offer a professional platform for amateur cyclists and get them to participate in a race that has all the elements of a professional team cycling event.

The Lakecity Pedalers – A Haybren Adventures initiative and Haybren Events — a part of Haybren Adventures have come together to organise this event.

“I am delighted to support and be part of Veloraid 2015,” said Shishir Gole, who is Veloraid co-organiser and director and CEO of GlobalInnovsource.

“Not only are we promoting a great event, we are helping grow the sport of cycling and encouraging people to participate in a lifelong physical activity that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. We want cycling to become the natural choice for transport, kick starting a cycling revolution,” added Gole.

The event will see 28 teams comprising of around 170 cyclists across the region and country coming from various walks of life.

Member of Veloraid’s organising committee David Arambhan said, “Today cycling is no longer seen as a leisure activity but has caught up as one of the fastest growing exercise options being adopted by all fitness conscious individuals.”

(For details one can visit in www.veloraid.com or contact Arambhan on 8693031113 or mail to darambhan@gmail.com)

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