About Us


We work hard to provide you the best quality Cycle.

At Haybren Adventures we try to give you the best that is available. We try out all the products ourselves first before we start selling it  and we stop selling products, of which we get more  than a couple of negative feedback’s.

We also compare products pricing vis-à-vis the quality on offer. This way our customers get the best.

Each bicycle bought from us is double checked before  handed over to the customer, for assembly issues as we understand that ill assembled machines wont give best output. Also before handing over the bike we conduct a session with buyer telling him/her how to properly use product. As misuse is a major reason for problems usually faced by customers.

We make sure that each buyer uses (not misuse) a properly assembled( not ill assembled) product 


Jose George, Owner

A marine engineer by profession, what started off as an experiment of sorts( bike store) has turned me into an avid mountain biker . Must say I was never passionate about cycling and moreover my profession didn’t allow me the liberty to indulge . But after getting on a bike (after many years)and riding with the Lakecity pedalers group, which was initiated by me I started enjoying a certain kind of freedom and childlike enthusiasm, also I realized its quite beneficial health wise and the answer to many of our problems that we are facing right now, be it health issues or environmental. So for me promoting cycling in any form is a priority issue.

The humble bicycle has come a long way and it is there to stay.

Our Mission

To be the leading adventure sports gear store where customers will get the right product at the right price backed with the best service possible  

Our Vision

To promote cycling and other adventure sports as an enjoyable, healthy, low-cost and environment-friendly activity. To create Cyclists. 

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